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First solo – Ken

WELL DONE to my student Ken, who today made his first solo, in FLYO at Billy Bishop. He flew a smooth circuit and made a great landing, and I have the video to prove it. Ken’s first flight at the controls of a powered airplane was in January, and today was his eleventh lesson. At… Read more »



Carburetor Icing

YESTERDAY I was out flying with a student doing some dual simulated instrument time – “hood time”. We were flying the localizer for runway 26 at CYTZ, remaining at 2000 feet altitude (because runway 08 was in use and there was another aircraft flying circuits). All in all we spent about an hour going backwards… Read more »


Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash


I must say, it’s tricky to teach people to land. Most manoeuvres that you have to learn in order to be a pilot can be practiced thousands of feet up in the air, where there’s no danger and no damage if things don’t work out, and where the instructor has plenty of time to fix things if and when they go wrong.