My name is

Alec Myers

I’m an experienced flight instructor in Toronto and I will teach you how to fly.

Get started!

Like many people, you want to learn to fly. But here’s how you stand out from the crowd:


You want effective, timely training

I specialize in concentrated training: we'll make more of each lesson so you progress to your goals.


You value training that’s efficient

I'll make sure you're taught properly from lesson one, so you quickly learn precise and accurate skills to keep forever.


You want to learn to fly a small airplane from someone who flies small airplanes

My family and I travel often in a small plane. The skills you will learn are the same ones I use to get from A to B.


You’ll commit to studying between lessons

Learning to fly is like learning to walk: you do most of the learning on your own. You’re ready to put in time and energy to do that.


You have time for regular lessons

I and my selected instructors are available through the week to work with you individually to achieve your goals. Pick a morning or afternoon slot and we'll make it happen.


You’re really interested in the how of airplanes

My amazement in flight has never left me. If the idea of taking to the skies fills you with wonder too, then we’ll get along just fine.

Not all flight schools are the same.

To help you decide if I’m right for you, let me tell you how I’m different.

It’s extra-important to partner with the right flight school and the right instructor for your early training. Learning good habits early will set you up for safe flying for life, while bad habits can take a long time to erase. To help you know if Alec Myers Flight Training is right for you, here are some things I promise you won’t get from me.

No aircraft older than your parents, with ripped seats and broken plastic.

I teach in a Grob 115C, a sleek modern airplane, and the same airframe used by the RCAF and the RAF.

No instructors younger than your children, teaching what they learned only last month.

I’m not pretty or glamorous, but I first flew nearly 30 years ago and I know how to teach.

No installed equipment that doesn't work, and in fact hasn't worked for years.

In my airplane, if something breaks, it gets fixed. You deserve that.

No disagreements between the Chief Flight Instructor and the business owner.

In my school the boss is also the Chief Instructor. If you have a problem, I have the power to fix it.

Some more reasons to train with me…

Lessons are three hours

In three hours you can make two flights with a short break. In the second flight you will review the first, and learn new material. You'll learn faster, have better recall, and waste less time travelling to and from the airport.

Our flights are recorded

After each lesson you get a link to a video and audio recording of our ground and flight training. See what you did wrong and what went right. Use each recording to prepare for your next lesson, making better use of our time.

You'll visit different airports

There are a dozen airports and aerodromes within visiting distance of Toronto; we will use several of them for our training, giving you a richer experience and preparing you better for life as a pilot.

You will never wait for an airplane

You’ll never be held up waiting for someone else’s instructor to return with your airplane. And your lesson with never be cut short because another instructor booked your airplane. It's just you, me, and the airplane.

If you need more persuading,
here are some nice things other people have said…

Here are the questions I get asked most often

and here are some answers.

That depends on what you mean by learn to fly - see here. Mostly the cost and duration will depend on how hard you work as a student, as well as how good your instructor is.
That’s another million dollar question. Much depends on you: how diligent you are and how hard you work. You can expect about 15 hours of instruction to reach solo flight standard. The minimum number of hours for a Private Pilot Licence is 45, and the national average time taken is 71.5 hours. Do you consider yourself better than average?
I'm happy to provide training towards a Pilot Permit - Recreational, Private Pilot Licence and Night Rating. If you’re interested in a Commercial Pilot Licence or Instructor Rating get in touch - I can make suggestions for whom to contact.
Learning to fly in your own plane is the best learning experience there is. I can definitely hold your hand through the process of getting your own aircraft. Call me.
Yes! An introductory lesson is a great way to sample how it might be to learn to fly. We'll have a ground lesson then go and fly for up to an hour. We can head over to another local airport, tour the CN tower and fly over your home (depending on where you live), and you can take the controls for as much of the flight as your comfort and my safety will allow. The price is $399 including HST.
Depending on where you did your training or got your licence, yes, it can count towards the requirements for a Canadian licence. The specific rules are complicated; contact me and I'll try to help.
That’s great! I’d love to answer them. Contact me via the form below or call me on (647) 390 5529.

Enough about me. Now, tell me about you .

I want to hear from you. One pilot to another. Tell me your dreams and aspirations.

Are you a pilot already or is that something you’ve always dreamed of becoming? Do you want to buy your own plane? Or rent one occasionally? Fly for an airline? Do you like the idea of flying yourself to travel to different places? Or for work? What is it that excites you? I want to hear.

And this is how else you can reach me…

Training location

Stolport (Hangar 1) FBO 3
Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport
Toronto Ontario M5V 1A1

My email

a‍l‍e‍c‍ @ ‍a‍l‍e‍c‍m‍y‍e‍r‍s‍.‍c‍o‍m‍

My cellphone

(647) 390 5529
If I don't answer, I may be flying - please send me an SMS message.