Alec Myers Flight Training – 

Prices and availability

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Fees and prices

Includes preparatory ground instruction

  • pre-flight briefing
  • flight lesson
  • post-flight debriefing
  • online write-up
  • edited video recording
$270 + HST
duration: up to three hours, as required
Aircraft time in C-FLYO during a lesson

  • Includes all fuel charges
  • oil and consumables
  • landing fees
  • headset use (if you don’t have one)
Additional $200 / hour + HST
engine time (start to stop)
Solo practice in FLYO for advanced students
when you’re competent to make an entire flight by yourself

  • Includes preflight briefing
  • all fuel charges
  • oil and consumables
  • landing fees
  • headset use (if you don’t have one)
  • post-flight debriefing
$230 / hour + HST
engine time (start to stop)
Minimum 1.0 hours
Lesson in airplane provided by student
Train for a PPL in your own airplane, or rent/borrow one
$315 + HST
duration: up to three hours, as required
parking on the island, for a lesson $25 + HST

Prices are liable to change; I will try to give a week’s notice if so.

Cancellation policy

You can cancel or reschedule an introductory lesson with no penalty.

When you come back for a second or subsequent lesson, that means we have arranged a fixed weekly lesson slot, every week, going forward, until you decide you want to cease training. That’s a firm commitment from you to be available for a lesson at that time and on that day, with no gaps and weather and aircraft permitting, a commitment from your instructor to be available to teach you at that time.

If you need to miss a lesson for any reason, like an unavoidable work or family commitment, business or vacation travel, an urgent meeting, or anything else that crops up, then you can either surrender your weekly slot entirely (in busy months that means another student can step in and take your slot) or you can pay the full lesson fee for the lesson you want to miss, and then slot stays in your name.

If you want to have more than one lesson per week we can definitely do that if there is space in the schedule. If you want to skip your second weekly lesson then the same rules apply – you have to surrender the slot or pay the lesson fee to keep it reserved in your name.

Lesson structure

Flying lessons are divided into two parts: ground instruction before the flight, and the flight portion of the lesson. (There is a short in-person briefing before we get into the airplane, too.)

Flight and ground instruction takes place at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.


At the moment I have the following weekly teaching slots free and available. If it suits your schedule and you want to book an introductory lesson, let me know.

Please contact me to check availability

Check for changes, which happen frequently.


Payment is due immediately after the lesson. I accept cash, cheques and VISA, Mastercard and American Express cards.

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