Alec Myers

This page has information for users of my websites.


Privacy and data policy

For students

The Company (5001235 Ontario Inc.) keeps records of your studies, flights and progress, as required by law, and as the Company otherwise considers to be appropriate to monitoring and managing your progress.

These records can be found in your Pilot Training Record and other written notes that the Company may hold, on computer systems and stored on the Internet.

With you prior informed consent the Company may record your lessons and your training and flying, both audio and video. These recordings may be used and shown to you and to other students and used in public marketing materials. At your request the Company will anonymize any such recordings before making them available to any third party.

For all customers

The Company keeps normal business records for accounting and management purposes. This includes all records of all financial transactions as well as emails and other communications with you.

For users of Company websites

Pages served from Company websites are logged by IP address, date and time, and although it is not the Company's normal practice to do so, they can be used to identify the computer from which they were accessed and possibly your identity while doing so. Company websites offer cookies (small electronic tags placed on your computer via your web browser) to track which pages you access and when. The Company does this to better understand what products and services and pages the Company offers are of interest to you and others. Where you voluntarily provide an email address or other personal data (for instance by filling in a web form) that data is recorded and can be used to link you to your past and future visits to Company websites. If you prefer not to assist the Company this way then you can prevent tracking by setting your web browser to refuse to accept any cookies from the alecmyersflighttraining.com domain. The availability of some services from Company websites may be diminished or prevented if you do so.

When you provide an email address to the Company (for instance to recieve a free download or to register for a course) the Company accepts this as implicit permission to send you occasional marketing emails on services and products that the Company thinks might interest you. It is not in the Company's interest to - and nor does the Company want to - email you about anything in which you have no interest. Every such marketing email includes a link by which you can withdraw your consent to receive further marketing emails - look for the "unsubscribe" link. Alternatively email me or otherwise contact me to let me know.

For everyone

All personal data that you provide and and that the Company records about you is kept as confidential. The company takes appropriate safeguards to prevent its unauthorized use, disclosure or loss. Personal data is released to third parties only with your implied consent or as permitted or required by law.

Personal data is not retained for longer than required to satisfy the purposes for which it is held. When personal data is destroyed, the Company does so in a secure manner.

If you would like to receive a copy of any personal data the Company holds about you, contact me and the Company will provide it. If you feel that any data the Company holds about you is inaccurate or incomplete for the purposes for which it is held, you can ask for it to be corrected.

If you have any questions about the data the Company holds about you or the purposes for which the Company uses it, please contact me and I will help.