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The six jobs of the private pilot

Some years ago, flight crews on at least the largest airplanes had five members, each one of whom would have a full-time rôle to fill during the flight and without each of whom being present some important things wouldn’t get done.


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Targets vs. goals

MUCH Early flight instruction in an airplane consists of the giving of instructions like “do this,” then “do that,” then “do the other.” (In fact now that you mention it quite a lot of the later flight instruction is the same way, unfortunately. But perhaps that’s a story for another time.) Pretty soon after that… Read more »


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How to avoid three big time-sucks

Why does primary flight training sometimes take longer than it should? In this post I identify three traps that students fall into, each one of which sucks time and energy out of the training process, making progress take longer and cost more than it should. And these are three things under the control of you, the student, so the good news is they are all in your hands to avoid, or fix.