Tailwheel training in downtown Toronto



I’m very happy to say my new aircraft is online – an American Champion SuperDecathlon, C-FLMZ, and that means I’m now able to offer tailwheel training in it based at Billy Bishop Airport.

Some of the differences between C-FLYO (and the common Cessnas) and C-FLMZ are that the latter has:

  • A constant speed propeller
  • Glass panel display
  • No flaps
  • Tandem seating (the instructor sits in the back, the student in the front
  • And of course the little wheel is at the back instead of the front

So for anyone stepping up from a fixed-pitch propeller, you’ll also learn about engine management, assisted by the on-screen all-cylinder digital exhaust and cylinder head temperature measurement.

But of course the biggest difference is the tailwheel, which needs different techniques for takeoffs and landings than a nosewheel airplane. It also means that you’ll learn to be really expert at managing crosswind takeoffs and landings, especially given the gustiness at CYTZ.

Finally, one of the best ways to improve your all-round piloting skills is to get stick-time in as many different aircraft types as possible. If you’re a solid Cessna driver but you’ve never flown anything else, this is a great opportunity to fly a new and different type, and I guarantee it will improve your all-round pilot abilities in every kind of airplane.

If you’d like to schedule a training session in FLMZ, get in touch with me here, and we’ll make it happen.

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