Please call in the downwind



FLYING A series of circuits the other week, at CYTZ, with a student, we were asked by the tower controller on duty to check in on the radio mid-downwind, rather than (as previously) in the base turn. This was to give the controller more of a chance to advise our sequence number (“FLYO, you’re number one / number two following a Cessna on the base / number seven, extend your downwind to Oshawa”) so he could plan the circuit more effectively. Which makes a lot of sense: if a pilot calls when they’re already turning onto the base leg it’s rather awkward for them then to be asked to extend the downwind.

So, if you’re a student of mine, and you’re flying some circuits: please check in with the tower earlier than you might have, previously. All you need to do is announce something like “City Tower, FLYO mid downwind 26 request full stop / touch and go / the option” as appropriate for what you want to do.

And why the picture? Just because.

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